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Door to Door Service

During this time of the Covid-19 transmission period we have made the decision to offer a mobile door to door service to those people who are still isolating and therefore unable to come to our shop in Shere.

This service has become very popular and how it works is as follows:

We would normally come to visit you after 4pm on a Monday, Tuesday or Friday, the weekends are harder for us but if we can make it, we will….
We bring over to you as many shoes/boots that we think will suit your foot shape for you to try. We would prefer you to have your own socks but we can also bring our recommended socks with us but they would need to purchased as we would’nt be able to re-sell.

We will call you on route to let you know that we are on our way and when we arrive we will lay out all of the shoes/boots in front of your door/front garden. We then step away and help you at a distance but we will be wearing face masks and use sanitiser too. If you do purchase a pair we have a card machine which you can pay for the shoes/boots there and then.

We just need to know your foot size/shape and as much information as you think we need to know about your feet which you can add to the booking form.

If you like, you can call us beforehand to have a chat.

Book your door to door appointment HERE

We look forward to meeting you!